Posted by: thequaches | September 28, 2009

TOO many boys!

Matthew’s preschool class has 8 boys and 4 girls.  Oh, the poor teacher!  She definitely has her hands full.  (truth be told, there is one girl in there who is probably worse than 2 boys combined!) How do I know?  Well, today was my day to help in the classroom.  I saw first hand why I am so happy to be home with my children and not back in the classroom.  YIKES!

Don’t you just love Matthew’s exaggerated smile?  It just kills me! Why can’t he just simply smile and get it over with?


He drew on the concrete and I had to capture it — don’t you love his shark?


Boys play SOOOO rough.  It’s a dang jump rope — must you turn it into a weapon?!  (yes, I took the picture first and reprimanded afterwards, wouldn’t you?  If not, I wouldn’t have anything to blog about!)


There’s a door, must you jump out the window?  And you know they are going to climb into the house via that window the second I walk away, right?!


Of course Ethan was there and doing his own thing — because it IS his classroom too!


They are all finally doing something quiet — but that will not last!  This is a bunch of wild boys!  Matthew is not that innocent in there.  he will listen to Mrs. Gardner, but he also will join the other boys when they do naughty things.  Fortunately, Matthew will stop when Mrs. Gardener asks.  Unfortunately for Mrs. Gardner, the other boys are not as receptive to her requests.  Matthew and I had a talk after class about appropriate classroom behavior.  He says he will try to make better choices.  Thus far, some boys have not received stickers at the end of the day.  One day Matthew’s friend Braden did not receive one because he misbehaved, so Matthew offered his sticker to Braden.  I knew I raised him right!  Good job, Matthew!  And… that story came from Braden’s mom, I was not even there to witness it!


He’s finally saying he’s enjoying going to school.  He likes his time with his friends.  I like that he is socializing with children his age and getting along with them.  He likes to play along with his peers — as opposed to Morgan — she likes to boss her peers around!


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