Posted by: thequaches | October 2, 2009

“Four” Moms and a project

I say “Four” but there are more now!  We take pride in our title though… the four moms who tried in vain to help a “teacher” realize that it’s time for her to retire!  Anyhow… she’s still teaching so we didn’t succeed!  Regardless, we gained this amazing friendship and we are grateful for that.  Kelly and Astrid are 2 of original “Four moms;” their sons are now at Hacienda.  Melinda and I are the other 2, and our girls are still at Allen.  Liz, was the mom who told us of our title; her son is now at Hacienda as well.  We’ve gained a few new moms this year.  It’s been fun!

Anyway, this particular Friday (about 3 weeks ago) we gathered at Kelly’s house to work on a Halloween tie dye T-shirt project for our children.

As soon as I pulled out the camera, they posed — they are hilarious women!  That’s Astrid (in black), Grace (in light blue), and Melinda (in orange):


That’s tangerine orange dye — there are about 20 shirts in there!  We have a lot of children!  There were 7 of us there making these shirts.


Kelly (she’s in blue with blonde hair) came out to help — Addison was NOT happy about that! (Addison and Ethan were best friends last year.  They had so much fun together while Kelly and I took turns working in the classroom.) That’s Brandy in the background holding Gabriel.  He’s the happiest baby I know!


Ethan had so much fun — because Matthew was in preschool and he didn’t have to argue with him!  Of course, he ended up arguing with Addison!


Two weeks later — Morgan, Matthew, and Ethan worked on the final products.  We decided to use our freezer paper technique to make the faces on the pumpkins:




Ta da!!!!  (Just to clarify, Matthew did not forget to paint his other eye… it’s a cyclops!  Somehow last week we started talking about this cyclops from Greek mythology and I showed him a picture.  He’s been so intrigued by this character ever since.  He made a comment that it reminds him of that character from Monsters, Inc.  You know who I mean, right?)  Tomorrow we are working on the other side of their shirts!  This was fun!  And they are so proud! The moms and I are planning a trip to the pumpkin patch so we can take pictures of the final results.  Some children used Sharpie pens to draw in their pumpkin faces.  What cute Jack O ‘lanterns these are!




  1. Those shirts are so adorable! Miss you!

  2. Mike Wazowski Of course I know who you’re talking about.
    Cute shirts!

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