Posted by: thequaches | October 12, 2009

Books we are reading, have read, and still enjoying

This is just for my record — no need to read this unless you really are interested in what we are reading!  :()

Magic Tree House Series:  Read, finished, and really enjoyed!

1. Dinosaurs before Dark – Matthew and Ethan loved this one… why not, it was about dinosaurs!

2. The Knight at Dawn –  This one was kind of scary!  Jack and Annie getting caught and then jumping into the moat?  But saved by…. well, better not tell!

3.  Mummies in the Morning –  OK, I remember Amanda saying Annapurna liking mummies…But reading this gave me the creeps!  Talking about dead people, tombs, coffins… You can tell I don’t like death!  Anyway, I am now even MORE impressed that Annapurna still found an interest in mummies after having read this.  I think she’s already read this.  We’re reading in random group order…

We recently finished these books: (12/09)

4. Pirats Past Noon

5.  Night of the Ninjas

6.  Afternoon at the Amazon — oh, the pirannhas!!!

7.  Sunset of the Sabertooth — This was their first introduction to this series of books.  Matthew liked the part when the sabertooth appeared!  Morgan liked the idea of a real magic tree house and a character with HER name!  AWESOME!

8.  Midnight on the Moon — They liked the whole astronaut aspect and being weightless

10.  Ghost Town at Sundown — this was kind of scary for them — especially the mention of the “ghost” that played the piano.  I tried to down  play the legend.  They thought it was pretty cool that at the end of the book, the cowboy from their adventure dedicated his book to them!

11. Lions at Lunchtime — This was Ethan’s favorite book!  He kept looking for the lions.  He keeps talking about going to the zoo now.

13.Vacation Under t he Volcano — I had a bit of explaining to do here — the idea of a whole city covered in lava.  The writer did a great job reenacting the last few minutes before the eruption.  The soothsayer made the story so much more dramatic!  Morgan asked if we could have  tree house.  I reminded her that we do not have the space for such a thing!  But we might in a few years if we moved to GA to be closer to cousins Peter and Ryan.  But she said, “No, a REAL magic tree house!”  Of course, we then went into a deep conversation about real and make believe.  She understood it, but wanted to know if what Jack and Annie experienced were real or make believe.  Boy, another discussion about the fact that the story is make believe, but Jack and Annie are real in the make believe story, so their adventures are real to THEM, but not to us!

14.  Day of the Dragon King — The dragon king was a scary character.  We discussed the topic of ancestors and the reason why my mom burns incense and all those joss papers when we pay respect to our ancestors during various holidays.  Then of course, we got into a big conversation about my dad and where he is right NOW… I briefly discuss the idea of his soul being in heaven… oh my!  These books have opened up quite a bit of conversation!

15.  Viking Ships at Sunrise

35.  Night of the New Magicians

37.  Dragon of the Red Dawn

38.  Monday with a Mad Genius

Still Reading and learning:

Three Cups of Tea — this is on-going.  Morgan has collected $100 now.  $60 is courtesy of Margret Bradford’s CDs!  We have read a few pages here and there and then I am trying to tie in the suggested curriculum.  Ethan isn’t interested so it makes it hard to read to all 3.

Farmer Boy — this is going off and on… They like it, but get bored because of the details.  Pa is not hunting, so it’s boring to them.  Almanzo’s family is wealthy and they don’t need to hunt!  They just go to school and the naughty boys get into trouble.  But they do farm, so we’re waiting for the seasons to change in the story for descriptions of the “work” that they must do.

Flat Stanley:  we are going to start this this week. Olivia likes it so we are going to give it a try.


Little House in the Big Woods — This is their favorite book in the series thus far.  They love Pa’s stories and his hunting adventures.  They also loved the introduction of the family members.  Matthew suggests that he would like it more if they had a boy in their family!  Sorry we can’t oblige that Matthew… history has already been made!

Little House on the Prairie — The talks of the “native American” Indians in this book was the big excitement through out the book.  They really enjoyed the adventures that was described whenever an Indian was present.


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