Posted by: thequaches | October 12, 2009

Just another day in the life…

of Matthew’s preschool!

It was my day to help in the classroom today… but I was lucky enough to recruit Clare to help.  Matthew was so excited!  Because a few years ago…  Clare also helped!  See the little girl in pig tails?  Guess who?! (2007)

October 22 day w Morgan at school 023

(This is Matthew’s class -2009)  Circle time is the best!


But snacks win them all!


Ethan doin’ his thing… (2009)


Matthew doin’ his thing… (2007)

October 22 day w Morgan at school 003

Matthew now…


Morgan in 2007- same trikes, I think!

October 22 day w Morgan at school 004

There’s Auntie Clare and Ethan – keeping busy while the class have their snacks! (2009)


Then it was time to share their “It’s Me Board.”  he mostly spent time talking about the cool trip we took to see the snow with the Varnell family.  He is really looking forward to this coming year’s trip!


And the same thing happened in 2007…She spoke about her friends, Kiran, Emma Faye, and Annamarie.  She also spoke about cooking with mommy, riding her bike, and loving butterflies.  She was very through.

October 22 day w Morgan at school 019

The flashback is killing me!  Oh, where has the time gone?  My babies are growing up too dang fast! SLOW down, will ya???

I mean, come on.. look at this face back in 2007, sitting in Morgan’s preschool class so quietly napping…

October 22 day w Morgan at school 017

And look at him NOW complaining about not having enough whipped cream on his waffle at Uncle Jim and Auntie Clare’s house!!!

September 7, 2009 Schoenfelders 004



  1. Your flashbacks are killing me! Stop with the tears inducing posts!

    Just kidding. I love seeing the pictures of our babies when they were smaller. Time is just flying.

    We need to remember to take a deep breath, slow down, and milk every moment we can of their childhood.

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