Posted by: thequaches | October 12, 2009

Lantern Walk in Saratoga

I was reading an article somewhere and ran into this clip about a lantern walk in Saratoga. Anyway, we thought we would give it a try.  I love Downtown Saratoga, but rarely ever go – not sure why!  I will go more often now that I have seen so many unique and beautiful shops!

Ethan had a great time… and now may be ready for the real “trick or treating.”  I felt kind of awkward at first doing this… I wasn’t sure what to say when we arrived at the stations.  You know what I mean? When you trick or treat, you say “trick or treat.”  Now when you do a lantern walk.. what do you say?  Happy lantern walk!  Anyway, we went from shop to shop participating in this activity (as reveled by the red lanterns hanging at the entrance to their shop) and received a “punch” on our card.  At the end of the walk, when we collected 12 punches, we can turn our card in to enter into a raffle.  So we walked, collected…


Stopped for a treat:


Played with some of the cool prizes that were given to the children:


Matthew trying to make th water fountain run faster!


We watched in awe as these junior high children played traditional Chinese instruments:


So at the end of our walk, we all turned in our cards and pulled out a prize.  Matthew won a swirly wind chime thing.. he torn it the second he walked away from the prize table… figures!  Then Morgan went and.. pulled out the “grand prize!”


According to the ladies, this was the grand prize… ummm, don’t know how she is going to enjoy an electronic dart board with an LCD display screen and enough for 8 players to play.  Anyway, she was really excited tot win this… it is now sitting in the closet because I am afraid if Matthew gets his hands on those real darts, he is going to lose an eye!  Of worse yet – Ethan is going to lose an eye!

It was a fun evening.  We ended the evening by having dinner at a Chinese Restaurant there.  They  offered the children the sesame chicken and it was a big hit, so went back for some more!


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