Posted by: thequaches | October 12, 2009


Now that I have your attention…

We really DID see a few sharks today… albeit, small harmless sharks… real sharks nonetheless!  We went to Alviso (a city beyond the edge of San Jose – near Milpitas).  I’ve only been a hand full of times… so it took us awhile to figure out where the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  It was pretty far “out there”but what a cool place it was!  And guess what?  I touched that leopard shark swimming in that “tank.”  Ethan looked and wanted to touch, but later changed his mind and said, “no cary!” Matthew was pretty brave, but did not get close enough to touch it.  I think all the noise was making it nervous so it swam a round a lot!  It felt kind of soft but leathery at the same time.


We checked out some bones…


Had our arms painted.  Ethan wanted a leopard shark:


Morgan wanted the field mouse:


And surprisingly, Matthew wanted the egret:


We checked out the sun spots… a bit disappointing for me as I was expecting “spots”… not one red dot!


Of course, Ethan had to check it out too!


Then we went into the facility and checked out a lot of cool stuff… looked into a few microscopes:


Looked at some swamp “creatures.”  I was a bit grossed out by the “worm” type things in the water… but I put on a brave front.. eeek!



Made shark visors:  (oh!  Please notice the shark tooth necklaces they are all wearing.  Morgan and I spent 30 minutes in a room without light making those — the power went out while we were there!)



Then they all climbed up to the top of the building and looked down at the entire refuge area… such a wonderful place this was!  We are going back again for more FREE classes and activities!



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