Posted by: thequaches | October 12, 2009

Shout out to Grandma Peggy!!!

Leo’s mom (Peggy or Grandma Peggy to the children) came to visit for a week.  Matt invited us over for tea… we stayed and stayed… and chatted the night away.  Morgan and Matthew watched a movie (Wall E)  with Vince and Leo.  Ethan fell asleep in my arms while I was chatting away with Peggy, my mom, and Matt.  While chatting we moved to the kitchen — isn’t that how it always happens?  The best place in the house IS the kitchen!  Anyhow, while chatting, Matt asked if we wanted to try the stuffed cabbage that Peggy made for dinner.  Heck yes!  What kind of silly question was he asking?!  I LOVE cabbages!!!  I know, how can one “LOVE” cabbage?  Well, I do!  I LOVE sauerkraut — I am probably the reason why Costco started “hiding” and “limiting” the sauerkraut at the food court area!  Ha!  🙂  So, Matt served us all a piece — me 2 pieces.  I wanted more but held back, it was late!  It was delicious!!!  So good I had to ask… how can I make this at home?

So tonight, my friends.. Vince and I had “pigs in a blanket” or stuffed cabbage.  The children ate left overs — Ethan tried some and liked it.  He likes just about anything, that boy!

I started by boiling a whole head of cabbage.  Then I mixed brat wurst (squeezed them out of their casing) and ground turkey in a bowl, seasoned with garlic salt (lots!), fresh ground pepper, and tangerine salt from Gina and Bao’s wedding.  I was supposed to saute onions in butter to put in the mixture, but I didn’t have any — gasp!  (How could I have run out of onions?  This has never happened before – EVER! ) I called Jake and Kristen across the street, they did not have one to offer me… so sad! (But Jake was nice enough to offer to run to the store for me so I did not have to take the children.  Well, as sweet as it was I said no… I would just skip it this time!)  If Matt were still across the street, you know that would not have been an issue!  He would  have found one (or two) for me and then came over to help me make it!  Anyway, next time I will saute onions, mix into the meat mixture, and add cooked rice.  Mix all these ingredients, season some more…  By this time the cabbages have already been cooked and left to drain.  I start peeling the cabbage one leaf at a time and cutting out the hard core part.  I chopped up the remaining of the cabbage (that I could not possibly use to wrap) and placed the pieces at the bottom of my big pot.  This will help so the rolled ones do not get stuck to the bottom of the pan.  What a smart idea!  Then it was time to get the piggies stuffed into their blankets!  Rolling them was easier than I thought.  I figured I would be a complete mess by the end but I was fine!  SO, in they went, layer by layer until all the rolled cabbages were in the pot.  Then I mixed a can of diced tomatoes, a but of ketchup, and some vinegar (Peggy does  not use vinegar, but I really enjoy the acidic taste of vinegar with the taste of tomatoes) in a bowl.  I poured this sauce mixture and a can of broth over the cabbages.  I put the pot on the stove for one hour to simmer.

End result — YUMMY!  I will make this again WITH onions!


a closer look:



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