Posted by: thequaches | October 16, 2009

“Ma, are you???”

This is what Ethan said when we walked into my mom’s house today to drop off some stuff and pick up leftovers from dinner the night before.  The night before, Wednesday, we went to mom’s house to have dinner.  We brought over baked ziti,salad, and yummy cake.  Afterwards, we sat around for a bit and then drove mom to SFO for her 1:30 AM flight to Cambodia via Taiwan.  Yes, after 7 years, mom is going back to her place of birth to visit with her mom, my “Ma.”  She had been back twice before – Once with dad and the second time with me in 2002.

We dressed up for a fun photo opp.  Doesn’t mom look so beautiful?   I could barely see without my glasses!

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_11301

I had to explain to Ethan than Ma went to visit  her mom.  And Matthew replied, “yes, your Ma.”  That’s right, smartie pants!

The last time mom went to Cambodia,I was able to accompany her.  I had been teaching at Hellyer Elementary for a few years.  We were still on the year round system and my vacation was coming up, so we went!  This would have been my first time back since my family fled the Khmer Rouge rule in 1975.  Well, it’s not that simple really.  After a great deal of struggle, Pol Pot and this communist party forced all Cambodians out of the cities and towns and into the “juggles” of Cambodia.  This was in 1975.  I was born in 1973…

Some of my friends know about my past… but some do not.  I honestly do not remember much, but the parts I do remember, I often wish I could forget.  All I know for certain is that my parents sacrificed EVERYTHING to escape Cambodia.  Mom, for one, left her ENTIRE family.  Dad convinced her to leave her family and escape “the killing fields” so that my sister and I could have a better future.

SO, where do I start?!   I’m not sure.. maybe tomorrow I can figure out where to start.



  1. I thought you were born in 1974…year of the tiger!

    • yes, i was.. but it confuses me to no end so i write what i remember at the time!

  2. You *both* look beautiful, Steph. I would love to know more of your story, and wish for safe travels and happy reunions for your Mom.

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