Posted by: thequaches | October 20, 2009

Anita’s Visit

Anita arrived Friday morning.  Ethan and I picked her up at the airport while Matthew and Morgan were in school.  While waiting for her flight to arrive, E and I enjoyed the nearby rose garden.  We walked around a bit, stopped to smell the flowers — really, we did and he loved it!  But, his favorite would have to be watching the airplanes fly over us!  We saw 3 Southwest Airplanes fly over us and he waved and said, “Hello Aunty Anita!”   It was really cute.

Friday night, Khay came over too!  Anita and Khay played with the children while I made dinner: Pork roast with pears, onions, and cabbage.  Here’s a shout out to Matt for an amazing recipe!  It was so yummy!  I have one roast left on the freezer – and will be making that recipe again!


(Anita, Khay, me)



We ended the evening with some brownies and ice cream.  YUMMY!

Once the children were in bed, Anita and I got crafty:

She wanted to make a bear that was similar to Morgan’s…


When it was done… it didn’t quite look the same.  She left it here for Ethan!  🙂


I worked on Matthew’s spider costume!


We also made the tutu for Anita’s ladybug costume… maybe Anita will send some photos for me to share once she gets her costume assembled!

The next day….

After 2 hours of sitting in traffic, we finally made it to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival!  And boy was it a HUGE disappointment!  We will NEVER go back not even if they paid me!  The crowd drove me bonkers!

Upon arrival, it took us sometime to find parking — for a fee of $10 (thanks Anita for paying!), we parked at a gas station next to Popeye’s — yes, that’s where we had lunch.  Then there was the matter of standing in ONE line to use the restroom… Anita jokingly asked if we remembered her when she returned from her journey to the restroom — 20 minutes prior!

These were the only pumpkins we saw during the VERY crowded walk down the street to the “giant” pumpkins… that was the only motivation the children needed to keep walking…


So we walked… and walked… and really, there was NO room to stop during the walk. If we even “thought” about stopping, we would bump into people or cause a traffic jam…  I was So proud of M&M for not complaining once during this very crowded walk.  They stuck by me — probably for fear of getting lost!  After a bit more walking, we finally had to stop for a break from the crowd!  So we snacked…  Anita and her friend Annida walked up ahead to see if indeed the giant pumpkin did exist.  I was feeling rather sorry for even suggesting that we continue the trek toward the great pumpkin.  So they went ahead…


And not too far from where we were… were these two pumpkins!  The winner was Don Young.  His record-breaking 1,658 lb. pumpkin won.  (it’s the one on the right) I think the 1st prize was worth $6 per pound!  That’s $9,948.00!  I think I’m growing a pumpkin next spring… anyone care to join me?  I will need a driver, as I am NEVER going to the festival again!


So we came, we saw, we nearly got trampled a few times…and did I mention how HOT it was???  Man, it was so hot!  I over dressed our poor children!  Ethan is in shorts by default.  I couldn’t find a pair pf pants to replace the pants he threw up on!  (that’s another story, but not worth telling)


(here are Anita and Annida…)

and we left!!!!  On our way back to the car, we walked past this bed and breakfast.  It was so pretty!  Anita, Uyen, and I will be coming back… without husbands and children!  I can’t wait!!!!



We saw the biggest pumpkin, blah, blah, blah… and went on our way to… Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch!  For the children, this was where the party began!


(photo by Anita)

They loved this tepee!  They ran in and out and threw hay at one another… then I yelled stop and that was the end of that!  (I know, I’m such a party pooper!)


The pumpkins were so colorful!


(photo by Anita)

This tunnel was so cool to play in.. a bit slippery though!  How do I know?  I fell a few times trying to help Ethan walk through!  Now he’s a pro so he’s doing his somersault thing…


Then they all crowded around the tractor!


Farmer John PROMPTLY removed Matthew from his 1200 pound prize — since it was recently sold to a billionaire!  He advised us that no one should be near this pumpkin!


Pretty big… but NOT the biggest pumpkin at Half Moon Bay!


This is just one picture from a series of 20 or so… Ethan LOVED being pulled around the patch by Matthew!


Aren’t they cute?!


(photo by Anita)

Some more photos:


(photo by Anita)

Isn’t she a beauty?!


(photo by Anita)

He’s such a goof ball!  Look at that expression!


(photo by Anita)

this little man is getting waaay to big too quickly!


(photo by Anita)

At the end of the pumpkin patch visit, we were finally able to round up the clan to capture a family photo.  Mind you, they were all over the place and it was like pulling teeth to get them together AND smile!


(photo by Anita)

We ended a very busy and crowded day with a visit to the Half Moon Bay Marine Preserves... calm, quiet…a bit cold (and windy) but NOT crowded!


(photo by Anita)

They had a blast running along the beach…and just playing… being children!


A ranger happen to be watching some hermit crabs in the tide pools so we stopped to chat with him…forgot what we talked about.  He was a nice guy though…


We ended the adventure with a delicious meal from Straw Hat Pizza that we picked up before heading to the preserves.  We left Half Moon Bay at 6:30 PM.  It was truly an ALL day event!  We then drove Annida back to San Francisco to her home.

After the BIG adventure on Saturday… we took it nice and slow on Sunday!  It was a beautiful day!  The children went around the block on their scooters. Then they and Anita created some artwork on the driveway…



Then back inside for some Halloween crafting…



Then we headed to Mayuri for an Indian lunch buffet — never a disappointment for Vince and I, as we LOVE the goat curry!  The children mostly eat the rice and buttered chicken sauce mixed together.  Then Ethan piles up on his fruit intake for the week.. he LOVES their oranges!



Sadly, we had to drop Anita off at the airport after lunch… See you soon Auntie Anita!




  1. Yay! Thanks for hosting me this weekend. I had so much fun spending time with your family, Ed and Uyen’s family, Khay and Annida. Thanks for posting all the photos and narratives. We’ll have to hang out together again.

  2. Hi Steph! You’ve been to Mayuri? One of my old bosses used to make us go there for every group lunch, so much so, that we got sick of it. Now, it’s been years and years since I’ve been there and I miss it now…especially the gulab jamin dessert. Mmmm…

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