Posted by: thequaches | October 21, 2009

My Story (part 2)

So I remember walking through the jungles…

Mom said that it took us many years to get out of the jungles because we had no  idea where we were!  One day a big bus pulled up.  Everyone was told to get on as the bus would take us all to the Thai border. Gratefully we all got on the bus.  Unfortunately, this bus took us further UP into the jungles and farther away from our goal.  Mom said we were so high up she thought we were up in the clouds.

Every time we thought we made it through to the border, something would happen and we would get redirected.

Anyway, I remember walking through the jungles and hearing babies crying… screaming really… because they were abandoned…left to die by the side of a tree.  My uncle picked up one of those babies – even though he already had 4 children already.. he picked up this baby boy and brought him to America!

I remember my parents telling us to be careful when we walked because there were land mines everywhere… so we had to watch where the person in front of us stepped.



  1. I am looking forward to reading more! God bless your uncle for picking up that baby boy!

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