Posted by: thequaches | October 22, 2009

Princess for an evening

Tonight Morgan and I went to see Disney’s Princess on Ice at the HP Pavilion.  Last year she was so excited and I knew that this would be something we would do together for a few years – just her and I… Maybe she will be out of the princess phase next year, who knows!  I will cherish this phase as long as I can!

I did not tell her until last night and when I mentioned that it was just going to be the 2 of us, she asked if Matthew could go with us too.  Matthew heard her asking and replied, “I don’t like princesses!”  Hee-hee…  Good, because I didn’t buy you a ticket, dude!

So this afternoon, while she was in school I went to Costco to run some errands… and bought her a “princess” dress.  If you know me, you know I don’t like “foofy” (is that a word?) type dresses…  But I shouldn’t punish Morgan by NOT allowing her to wear these types of dresses, right?  She loves anything that allows her to twirl around… so this dress was not only long but twirly AND sparkly!  The glitter is all over the house and was all over the boys when they were admiring it this afternoon… she, of course, had to try it on when she came home and saw it.  I loved the expression on her face — priceless.  Immediately, she knew it was going to be the dress she would wear for the evening’s event!

Pre-show photo:  Princess Morgan “of Cabral Avenue”  (that’s what Matt calls her and she LOVES that title!  She’s thinks it’s the best!)


I can’t style hair to save my life… good enough!


Gotta give it a whirl!  No signs of vertigo tonight 😉


Waiting in line…


Before the show:


Isn’t she beautiful?  I told Vince that she was so cute… sitting so prim and proper during the show, hands folded and sitting up straight and tall!  Don’t know where she got that from!  I was slouching the entire time and couldn’t sit still a minute!  Surprisingly, she spoke a lot during the show!  She made so many cute comments and her expression when Cinderella made her appearance was wonderful.  She really did enjoy the show!


Our only photo — wish my arms were longer!


The only decent photo… spotlight on Cinderella and prince Charming, of course!


It was a great evening… didn’t get home until 10:30 PM.  Vince dropped us off so I wouldn’t have to pay $10 for parking and deal with the crowd.  When he returned home Ethan fell asleep, so he called Linda (next door neighbor) over to stay home with him while he and Matthew came to pick us up after the show.  Matthew was sound asleep by the time he picked us up!



  1. Annamarie and Chris are going on Saturday. Love Mo’s dress…I saw that at Costco and wanted to buy it SO badly for Annamarie.

    • don’t! i’m returning it today or tomorrow… the glitter is ALL over the place and it got in her eyes… she was so upset last night because she was tired and was rubbing her eyes on the way home…

  2. What an awesome mom you are! I’m sure Princess Morgan feels how special she is. You know, we’re so lucky to have daughters we could do girlie things with.

    • for sure! i am very fortunate she is my eldest… but i must remember that she is only 6! her thinking makes me think she is older so i sometimes “expect” too much from her.

  3. Dear Princess Morgan of Cabral Avenue,
    I hope you had a good time with Mama last night. And remember that Mama loves you lots and lots.

    • Princess Morgan says thank you aunty and that she misses you and wants to know when you are coming back to stay in her room…

  4. I’m coming back soon. Real soon. Too bad you can’t make it to Oakland in two weeks. But you can always write me. 🙂

  5. I’m so jealous!

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