Posted by: thequaches | October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Day!

We had quite a full day visiting TWO different pumpkin patches today!

First we visited Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Patch in Morgan Hill with Braden and Lori Yang.  Braden and Matthew knew each other first from te Jr. Olympian class last year, then they had soccer together, and now they are in the same Preschool class.

Here are the 3 trouble makers… they were all over place!  And they were loud and rambunctious!


Lori bought us tickets to ride the train:


and the carousel:



We measure the big boys:


and the little one:


They were kings were about a second before they were thrown off the thrown for being such active and obnoxious boys!



They the 2 olders boys went on the cow train… all by themselves!


We took a walk through the bee maze… we were “supposed” to learn about how the bees help the farm and the pumpkins grow.  But do you suppose they actually “walked” the maze?  Of course not!  We were in and out of that maze in less than 2 minutes… so I made them go through it a few more times to get my money’s worth!  It was a $1 a person (except Little Guy)… so they ran in and out until they were tired (or I was annoyed that they were running away from Little Guy.)    It was a pretty quiet day so we pretty much had the maze to ourselves!  The school children were just leaving as we were arriving.


Then it was a walk around the pumpkin patch… a little distraction.  They wanted to see these spiders.  That black and green one moved its head back and forth… they were not too sure about him!


Look at the beautiful pumpkins!  I love the colors!


and gourds:October-22,-2009-Pumpkin-Patch-049

Then it was time to hop in the car and go pick up Morgan from school… only to get back in the car and visit our neighborhood pumpkin pacth with her school mates!

This is Sarah, Dorothea, and Miss  Morgan.  Sarah is in a different 1st grade class, but I made friends with her mom, Julie, so we try to do things with them as often as we can.  Dorothea and Morgan are in the same class. Last year, Dorothea and Sarah were in Kindergarten together.


Here’s the gang — in the t-shirts they all made!


Silly one:


Jenna came later so we took the photo again!


Here’s Jenna and Morgan.  They were in Kindergarten together.  She is now attending Booksin, same district, different school, different neighborhood.  We hope to make it to her hose soon to see her chickens again.


My attempt at a group photo — this was the best!  REALLY!


Owen and Ethan:


He was so busy looking at something… not sure what, but he was totally concentrating!


So when we got there Morgan wanted to ride this “thing.” Not really a train, not really long enough for anything – I thought!  So I said, “it’s a waste of money because you pay to go around in it once!”  So, when Jenna came, Lisa (Jenna’s mom) bought the girls tickets to ride the “caboose.”  So, as she’s going around… she’s counting – to prove to me it wasn’t just one time…. see what I mean?


Final count?  She went around 4 times!!!  Isn’t she funny?!



  1. what fun! so many pumpkin patches!! I’d love to go again, but ours was held only during that weekend. i saw another tiny one near the mall, maybe I’ll take them monday afternoon if it’s not too hot.

    miss morgan is too funny! btw, I love the t-shirts!

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