Posted by: thequaches | October 28, 2009

A busy weekend!

On Saturday, I had planned on attending the Oakland Zoo for their annual Boo at the Zoo, but Matthew’s friend Braden wasn’t feeling too well.  So, his mom decided we should stay closer to home  – just in case.  He was fine, but did not have the energy really to walk at the zoo.  We decided it would be sad if we drove an hour away and he did not have a good time, so we stayed closer to home instead!

I packed a few snacks and we headed over to the Almaden Community Center’s harvest festival instead.  It was also the children’s first opportunity to try out their costumes before Halloween!  SO , they were excited either way – zoo or no zoo!


They had a morning full of arts and crafts, trick or treating, story time, puppet show, and just hanging out with friends.  Matthew is starting to make his own friends now, so I am trying my best to balance out the play group time.  It seems we are always out with Morgan’s friends.  I want Matthew to have his own set of friends if possible… even though I realize how much work it is going to be for me in the long run!

They started with arts and crafts:



The story time.. must have been a really good story!  I love that I caught her expression in time!  🙂


A lot of people attended!


Trick or treating was their favorite part…


Although eating the candy was even better!  They had just finished and allowed us to pose them for a few pictures.  Braden is a Transformer guy.. I did not see the movie, so I don’t know his official name.  Sorry Transformer fans!


Now, is this the cutest monkey you’ve ever seen or what?!


They ended the day with a puppet and magic show.  That’s Mr. K the librarian.  They love him because he not only reads to them, but he sings, plays the oboe and keyboard, and has pet mice that he brings to show the children.


Later in the evening, we attended a Halloween party at the Varnell House… I was too busy eating and chatting.. so, no photos!

On Sunday we woke up bright and early and attended a special event at Home Depot.  This is fire safety month, so the fire engine was going to make a special appearance… while the children are busy working on their projects.  We had already made these fire engine banks, but we thought we would make them anyway to keep busy.  Morgan made one and decided to give it to her friend Sarah.  We dropped it off on the way home.  They always enjoy working on these projects.  They also learn to be patient since I can’t help all 3 of them at the same time.  Morgan always goes first because she can wait for me patiently later.  Matthew goes next.  He is pretty fast so Ethan doesn’t have to wait too long!

Matthew’s dream come true.. hammering away without too much supervision from me!


She’s a pro at this now — this is our 3 or 4th project with Home Depot! Although she sometimes thinks it’s okay to put the wood pieces on her lap and hammer from there!  All I say to her is, “Ouch” and she thinks twice about her actions.


Of course, E had to get in on the action as well!  He had been very patient waiting while I worked with M&M so when it was his turn, he was serious about the pounding!  He did pretty well.. and missed my fingers each time!  Phew!


Firehouse banks complete — but the fire engine did not show up yet.. after almost 2 hours of waiting … we decided we should leave and “maybe” come back…  we never did!


We left to drop off the bank for Sarah, then had a nice lunch with the Sripati family.  Our day ended with a nice BBQ in the back yard where the children played to their heart’s content.  Morgan and Vince played a few games of chess after we all finished a  game of Junior Monopoly.  Wow, the weekend just flew right by us!



  1. That picture of Morgan’s face at storytime is priceless. I love it!

    We love Monopoly Junior in this house. Perhaps we should get together for a little tournament?

    And, please, slow down! You’re so busy that I’m not sure you have time to breathe. Seriously, it looks like you’re doing so many fun things!

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