Posted by: thequaches | October 31, 2009

Morgan’s school Halloween

She’s been counting down the days… and now it is here!  Halloween at school…

And so I give you, Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz (but Ethan insists she is Cinderella!)  Yes, I made her wear a long sleeve shirt underneath because it was so flipping cold this morning!  She’s also wearing tights!  By the time I picked her up at 2:15, however, I felt badly for layering her because it was so flipping hot!  No worries, she did not complain.  She had a fabulous day at school and was happy to change into a t-shirt and skort in the car so she could play.


The school had an assembly rather than a parade…


Her friends… from left to right: Olivia (her BFF), Jalon, Sarah, Navaeha, Dominique, and Dominique’s sister, Vanessa


with Olivia (she’s a dancer from Dancing with the Stars!)


with Jalon, Olivia, and Olivia’s 6th grade sister, Emma.  (I borrowed Emma’s 50’s skirt for my costume this year.  Thanks Emma!)


Another friends photo — only difference is Melanie (standing next to Morgan and wearing glasses) is in this one.


The excitement for tomorrow is almost unbearable…  They are so excited to go trick or treating with their friends!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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