Posted by: thequaches | November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween – the full story!

Halloween day started off simple enough –  a visit with Ma… and then it was chaotic as ever!  We left Ma’s house and made a mad dash to carve pumpkins with Linda and Rob (next door neighbors) while I ran to the store to purchase candy for 3 homes (mine, Linda’s next door, and Leo and Matt’s).. back to finish the pumpkin carving, back home to make dinner, force dinner on children, dress children, and wait for friends to arrive to trick or treat… where was Vince?  He was working!  I know.. crazy!  He had been working all day and we barely saw him except every now and then — once when we came home from Ma’s house then quickly again as we left for Linda’s house…. and he did not emerge again from the office until we were getting dressed into our costumes (he had to put his on too!)… and as we were leaving.. guess what?  A phone call from work!  We had to leave without him.  He showed up about 6-7 houses later.

Our pumpkin carving:



These $3 pumpkins from Nob Hill proved to be quite difficult to carve!  I broke 3 of those carving knives!  I had to make the sides much thinner than previous years, so I was a bit frustrated… and tired!


This is Matthew’s:


Morgan’s is a witch — her picture did not turn out very well so I will have to post her picture later.

We took some photos while waiting to leave…

The children – minus Lily and Brianna who came right after these pictures were taken…


The August girls… always in birth order!


There is supposed to be a photo of Matthew and Sydney  here but he refused to have his picture taken!  They are 2 months apart – Matthew is older.

Ethan and Audrey — Audrey is older by 1 month.


There were tons of photos of them trick or treating.. but I won’t bore you with them ALL … I might throw them in at a later post!  Just kidding!

They had so much fun!  This was our first stop — Linda and Rob’s house.  If you look closely, you will see that Ethan was right in the front waiting patiently for his candy!  (look for the monkey ear)  He was so excited!  I think he and Matthew will be running together next year.  Anyway, the 3 girls were the leader of the pack.  Emma and Annamarie were announcing to all the homes that there were 9 children in our group.  Annamarie also announced that her father was the “white guy.”  If you will humour me by scrolling to the group photo down below, you will see Annamarie seated on her father’s lap – he’s the “white guy”in the front row !  It made us all laugh so loud — it was!  Then they later “discovered” that if they said Happy Halloween before trick or treat, they often were given more candy!  And Lily called for “Mor-gan” (i thought she was asking for “more candy”, silly me!)  throughout the night (she’s 19 months and is the adorable ladybug.)


Matthew’s tribute to Andy Z — he wouldn’t leave the house without the hat!  He broke an arm sometime before we left the house, I couldn’t fix it before leaving.


I LOVED everyone’s expression when they saw Ethan!



Matthew did was a bit intimidated by this skeleton, so Vince proved to him it was no big deal by putting his arm around him…so I snapped a photo!  Emma didn’t think he was scary either!


Our last stop was Leo and Matt’s house… can  you believe I forgot to take photos?!  I will tomorrow and post them here:

The GANG in 2009:


The gang in 2008:


The gang in 2007:


The mommies (Becky, Loari, me, and Danielle):


Another family photo:


After the children were asleep (Matthew turned in around 9 PM, Morgan and Ethan around 10:30-11PM), I sorted through the candy once more… check out their loot!  I am going to gain so much weight!  The candy you see are only from the 1st 2 pumpkins — the last one still has candy that I know they may or may not be eating… so we might be discarding them.  I hate to do that until I know for sure they won’t be asking for them.  Case in point — all the lollies are in this bucket.  Guess what Matthew wanted when he woke up this morning?  Yep,  a lolly!  And then this afternoon, M&M wanted a piece of gum… in the last bucket!  So, I’ll wait a bit longer and then dump when they have forgotten!  The first bucket have mostly chocolate.  The second bucket has non-chocolate.  Those are our categories and it’s how they ask me for what they want to eat!  Hee-hee… well, it teaches them categorizing!  Can’t blame me for being a teacher…Every moment is a teachable moment!


I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!  the children are already discussing next year’s plans!




  1. What fun! Such a cute little monkey too! Yeah, Audrey was asking when we could go trick or treating again.

  2. It is so much fun to watch all of the grandkids (biological or not) do their thing each year. What fun!!!

    • amazing how quickly they are growing… *sigh*

  3. Love your costumes!

    • Mine was thrown together the day before… Vince had his delivered the day of! Glad you liked them!

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