Posted by: thequaches | November 2, 2009

Stow Lake

Vince had a photo shoot today and we tagged along… while he was busy taking photos of a family, the children and I had some fun!

We rented a pedal boat…I was a bit nervous going alone… especially with Ethan’s age and Matthew’s “energy.”  So I asked the girl at the counter if they would be okay with me alone.  She seemed hesitant but advised that Ethan sat in the middle near me and that it would be fine. M&M were so excited to try.  So we gave it a go!  I asked the guy before he pushed us off if he had any advise — he  was a young teenager so he just looked at me funny.  Then I jokingly said to him, “just don’t tip over, right?”  He smiled and said the water was only 4 feet and it would be fine for me… then looked at the children and said, “it might be a bit over their heads though.”  Hmm…. still nervous here and no one has given me much of a confident response!  And then it was off — no turning back now… My credit card was already charged!

All smiles from everyone:


Once we were out and we realized how slow the boat was moving… we got a bit comfortable, had some snacks, looked around, enjoyed the view… and even switched seats!  Here’s Matthew doing the pedaling work!  Morgan sat in the middle and steered….


Ethan crawled to the back and had the whole place to himself!


I crawled next to Ethan for a bit until I wasn’t as nervous that he would fall off!


They loved being in control of the boat!  We only hit a bush once!!!!

Guess who we saw while on the lake?  There’s Daddy!!!!  I was thinking… let’s not pull a Sound of Music scene here… remember when Maria and the entire children fell in the water???  Well, they hollered at Vince and waved and hollered some more….  sit down, sit down, I said…  YIKES!


But we did not fall in… so it was back to pedaling and Vince went right back to work!


Morgan went back and took a photo to prove I was there…


Check out this beautiful waterfall we passed along the trip!


All in all, it was a fun hour ride.  Matthew was awesome.  He pedaled and requested that I did not help him.  Morgan enjoyed the steering — and only steered us into the bush that one time.  Ethan was content to have his snacks during the ride and had a fabulous time!  Once we were out for a bit, I finally relaxed and enjoyed the ride…  Sure, I’d do it again!  Once they are older, we will have to get 2 boats — this only seats four — someone will have to ride solo if it’s just the children and myself.  If Vince comes along, that might be more enjoyable.  We could have a race!

Once we were off the boat, it was a quick wardrobe change for the children… and a few family photos.  Heck, we were here, why not???  It was an amazing day.  The weather was so perfect!  They played for a bit while Vince and his friend got the equipment ready.


Aren’t they so handsome????




  1. Honestly, you are super mom! I don’t know you could manage 3 kids alone. I’m already overwhelmed with 2!

    Looks like fun! I would luv to give pedal boats a try. Wonder where I could find some around here.

    Yes, your boys are looking might spiffy in
    their dress shirts…so well behaved too! Nathan would have been in the water already.

  2. Too bad we didn’t know you were going to Stow Lake. Ed loves taking pictures there! You are so trusting to let Ethan loose on the boat. I would’ve been so paranoid! Glad you had a great time.

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