Posted by: thequaches | November 6, 2009

Another one out… finally!

Her two front teeth were loose when she had her check up and cleaning appointment back in June… The first one came out on August 10th while on our road trip.  The 2nd one was a bit more stubborn.  When her adult tooth was fully out – I gave in and called the dentist.  The night before her appointment we were sitting at the dinner table eating.  Vince and I were having fish wrap, the children had some but they had their own meal.  I think they had ginger chicken and rice.  Anyway, Morgan asked for some cucumber slices.  I gave her some.  She took a few bites and was fine then all of a sudden, “Ouch!”  She had finally gotten it so loose it was ready to come out on its own.  Thank goodness!  I begged her to keep trying to wiggle it out on her own (the frugal part of me was revealed)…so she tried the rest of the evening… nope, that baby did not want to come out!  SO, this afternoon, we went in for her appointment to have Dr. Corcoran pull it out.   She was a bit nervous to start but then was fine.  She told them that I had offered to pull it out by tying her tooth to a string and then slamming the door.  She giggled and so did the hygienists.  They LOVE her in the office!  🙂  So, of course, they laughed with her.  Anyhow, I figured it would be a fast visit.  She would go in, he would yank it out, and we would go home… Nope!

So we get there and Ethan is asleep, so I am holding him and waiting in the waiting room with Matthew by my side.  He is entertaining himself with his fighter plane and making loud airplane noises.  So I remind him to lower his voice… not really in his vocabulary, but he tries.  She gets called and she goes in.  They take an X-ray … for the love of God, why do you need to Xray it?  Just yank it out!  Why do I ask that?  Because she HATES, REALLY hates Xrays!  But she got through it (and told me later that it was not the same one as the others and it did not hurt.  Note to self, ask for that next time for her!).  After the Xray, they gave her head phones and she is sitting in the room listening to music.  What service, right?!  When Matthew went to peek, he reported back that she was in there reading a book now.  Oh my, wish I could do that!  She’s in a room by herself, listening to music, AND reading a book!  They informed me that they would give her gas soon…  and then numb the area.  Meanwhile, all the hygienists are going in there to check on her and talk to her.  I can hear her giggling her cute little giggle.

After 15 minutes or so, Dr.Corcoran finally comes to see her because he was with another patient next door.  He walked in and came back out — “OUT!” he said.  “YAY,”  I said!  Then he tells me that he just used some gauze and got it out.  “This one is on the house,” he tells me.  “YAY” some more I say!  I wonder how much that would have cost if he had to use gas and numb her and then yank it out!  He was impressed that she allowed him to do it so easily.  That’s my girl!

So… here’s her new look:


Then she wrote the tooth fairy a letter requesting that she leave her tooth for her…  The little box next to her “thank you” is the box the dentist off ice gave her to store her tooth.


She decided to wrap Ethan in her scarf and call him Little Ethanhood… nothing to do with this post, but he was just too cute to not post!  They love each other.


Sweet dreams Morgan.. may the tooth fairy follow your request, leave you a nice letter, and some money!  Oh, I pray for a big loot so we can move into a bigger home… hee heee….


This  morning… at 6:30 AM, she woke up and shout, “Mommy, look what the tooth fairy left me!”  Sweet girl, I was just too tired to share in your excitement.  But I can tell from your voice that you were genuinely surprised and happy about your gift…



We are collecting those funds.. who knows what you will choose to buy later. I love you for being so sweet.   (Aunty Anita, thanks for your help — wink ,wink)



  1. The Tooth Fairy ROCKS! Keep brushing and flossing your teeth Morgan!

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