Posted by: thequaches | November 6, 2009

Harvesting and more…

Fall is here when we harvest yummy persimmons… and this year, guava!  The Quach3 love persimmons but get so much of it (mom has a tree too!) that they will often eat a few a week and will not eat anymore.  I, however, cannot get enough if them and will eat them all the time — better than chocolate to me!  😉  I’m sure many can argue that… just an opinion, people, no need to debate here!  I’m already having my fair share of chocolate right now and trying to stay away from them!  🙂  The children enjoy the process of harvesting more than anything… see for yourselves:

My over achiever, she has the pick the one farthest from her reach… it’s a bit bigger, she tells me as she’s standing on a rickety chair and standing on her tippy toes, and reaching as far as she can… and trying to grab it with the tips of her fingers!  She eventually did get that big one – it did not get away!


The picture is blurry.. but he’s so darn cute in Jim’s cap!  🙂  Yes, he did put it on himself, just like that!  He’s another Andy Z fan… 🙂


Always the comedian…


Morgan loves Jim and Clare’s guava!  She can eat those things like there was no tomorrow!  She often will refuse chocolate in lieu of guava for dessert!  She’s my girl, I tell ya!  When we love our fruit, we love our fruit!  These guavas are just the right size for her.  All we do is cut the tips off and she scoops out the inside of the fruit with a spoon — yum!  The best way to tell a guava is ripe and ready?  When it falls on the ground… that’s why they are picking them off the grass here:


Here’s a closer look – courtesy of Ethan’s hard work.  He really did his best to collect them without stepping on any!


Aside from harvesting with Jim and Clare today… the boys helped Jim fix my broken stroller.  Into the garage to get the appropriate tools…


Here’s the handle that broke.  Jim took it apart to look at it better… such the engineer!  What do you think I did to fix it?  Well… I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that I used Super Glue!  Yep… and guess what?  It wasn’t that super!  It broke off the following day.  So I asked Jim to help me…


So Jim and the boys spent some time filing away the super glue and then he did his thing… we left the handle with Jim and a few days later, he finished it!  He Super Glue was used… he is an amazing man.


While the boys were busy with Jim outside, Morgan and Clare practiced on the piano.


It was a busy day!  We started the morning running errands: Marina Supermarket, Target, Costco….  then we spent the rest of the afternoon   with Jim and Clare, without Morgan, since she was at school.  After her Daisy meeting, I picked her up, while the boys played with Jim and Clare… and it was harvest time and busy, busy, busy….. We always come home to a frenzy of activities!  I put them in the bath while I start dinner.  While the rice and soup were cooking, I bathed them.  They played a bit while I cooked their rice noodles with soy sauce.  Vince and I had soup and turkey larb.  After I dressed them in their jammies, I finished up dinner and set the table.  As soon as Vince walked in the door, we had dinner and pumpkin pie for dessert.  Then story time, brush teeth, and straight to bed!


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