Posted by: thequaches | November 12, 2009

My Story (part 3)

Food was scarce and energy level was always low.  My parents were weak.  We were all near starvation.  You can only eat leaves, wild mushrooms, and bamboo for so long..  walking through the jungles was not what we wanted to do…  My sister and I had had enough.  Mom and Dad sacrificed a cup of uncooked rice, (do you realize how many days that could have fed us?!)  offered it to a man with an ox cart, and walked beside us.  They, obviously, did not have enough to sacrifice for themselves to sit with us.  So there they were  walking beside us, going who knows where… because they could not see us suffering anymore.  Mom described a moment where she tried to tie a rope to herself and ask us to pull along with her…  This did not last long… when the ox cart man came by, they made the decision to offer one cup of rice and let us ride in the cart, even though, I am certain, they were tired as well.  Up the mountain we climbed… up to who knows where… only to be led down again in a few months… when does this story have a happy ending?

You know for sure that we survived, we made it.. but what did my parents go though to get us here?  Memories are coming back to me… slowly.  One day, I hope to sit with mom and retell the stories a bit better.  When I was writing my thesis for my MA, I sat with mom and interviewed her… the tapes are somewhere!  I even transcribed some of the interviews.  I just don’t know where they are!  Anyway, my thesis ended up being about something else, but it did get me thinking about my past… anyway, my mom’s memories will come out eventually too.

Until then,I am jotting down what I can remember here and there.  They will make sense eventually… these pieces will fit eventually!

until then… I hope memories of your childhood makes you smile and appreciate what you have today!



  1. Wow. This is so moving. My parents have stories too, of growing up in Korea during the Korean War, but we were not with them. Your story would be great for Storycorps.

    • one day i hope to just sit down with mom and get her story out from beginning to end- it’s better than my memory… i was only 3 when all this took place!

    • thank you for this info — i will look into it! 🙂

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