Posted by: thequaches | November 12, 2009

Peter and Morgan

Their relationship has always been an easy one.  She is older so has always been one to nurture…

They shared a seat one day… he was barely a few months old here.  Karen and Michael were living in Switzerland when he was born..  They returned to the states once he was born.

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_11843

They took swimming lessons at Water Babies together:

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_12121

(that’s me prego with Matthew!)

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_12120

They loved playing in the water… but doing the actual work was a challenge (ie: putting their faces in the water!)

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_11954

As he got older, they began to share more:

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_12260

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_12266

She’s now shoving it in his face…I think that’s still considered sharing, right?  He’s not crying (yet!).

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_12267

And then as he got older… they decided to  move out of state…

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_12227

There were so many photos in between of their summer together before they moved, but when the computer crashed.. the photos went with it… but I have those photos in another album that was printed before it crashed (phew!).

We flew to have Christmas with them in 2006:

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_14522

And they seemed so grown up!

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_14528

By 2008 when we returned for another visit… Our family had 3 and they just welcomed their 2nd…

March 7 Cousins 009

Ryan, we are so glad you are here!  Welcome to the chaos!

March 7 Cousins 021

Just having a moment here..(should be editing really!)  but…  remembering when they were babies…  we will be seeing Peter soon.  He’s now 5 years old!  (and his new baby brother Ryan will be 2 in February 2010).  Where has the time gone?  These were such wonderful times — when they lived so close… just down the street… now they are in Georgia and so far away!

But we will be there soon for Christmas.


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