Posted by: thequaches | November 19, 2009


still here… just a bit quiet because we’re doing too much — again!  A Santa Cruz post of our visit with the monarchs coming shortly.

In the meantime… a few words from Ethan today and this evening:

Momma, are youuuuuu????  (even though he knows I am brushing my teeth and changing… everyday, every morning, same thing… but he has to ask everyday, every morning!  And most times, he’s yelling this and I have to ask him in a mean way to stop because Vince (and sometimes Morgan and/or Matthew are)  is still sleeping!)

Mommy, whatcha doin?  (as I was walking away to throw something away)

Momma… KuKu (say with short u sound and hard K sound — i think… it’s what he calls Matthew) hit me on eye… (this is from the bath tub)

Momma… your milk all gone? (yep, he asks… still!  he was in a cuddly mood so I held him and he asked…)

Momma… uh peeee peee!!!!!  (but because my reaction was a bit slow today… he added)  Uh, oh… uh pee pee in pants!

Uh where going now?  Oh.. pick up Kuku?  Kuku in school!  Uh, Garner (aka Mrs. Gardner, Matthew’s teacher) giva me uh ticker? (aka sticker — we were in the car on the way to pick up Matthew from preschool)

Uh, Cheche (said with ch sound and short e sound — that’s Morgan) go school? (he always asks this after he asks about Matthew)

No…don’t like it! (when I gave him rice and eggs for breakfast… it’s what M&M ate!  so he had fruit instead.)

More noodles please… (loved his noodle soup for dinner tonight)

Uh chocolate?!  followed by I spin it for you?  (he goes to the pantry, takes the Ovaltine from the shelf  and asks to stir it)

Momma, I sleep with you?  or Momma I sleep in your bed?  (when he wakes up in the middle of the night and finds his way to our bed.)

‘cuse me (aka excuse me…  it really is so cute when he says it!)

And his all time favorite — MINE!!!!!  (as he is chasing Matthew around the house to get back a toy that really isn’t HIS per say, but he always has to claim that it’s his. So then of course, big brother Matthew has to make him work for it by having him run around the house crying and screaming for him to stop and return the toy that belongs to everyone, but he has claimed as his for the moment.



  1. aww so cute! I love it when they are trying to speak…I miss it. I’m still waiting for Nathan to talk. He’s going to be evaluated by a speech therapist / pathologist tomorrow. We’ll see if he needs extra help…it’s more like us needing help.

    he still doesn’t say mama or dada. he says baba or ba mmm… when he hears a train choo chooing, he says uuuu uuuu….where’s the “ch-“

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