Posted by: thequaches | November 21, 2009

Natural Bridges

The best weekend for us is when Vince has time to spend with us — at this point we don’t care where we go, as long as he is with us!  This weekend we took a drive to Santa Cruz to see the beautiful monarchs that we have heard so much about for years.  Feels a shame to live so close and have no idea what people are talking about!  So we finally did it!

We started the morning with a buffet brunch with Leo and Matt at the International Gourmet Buffet off of Curtner and Monterey Avenue… not bad!  We invited them to join us but Matt was not feeling well and they had their Costco shopping ahead of them that day… So, we we forced mom to come with us.  We didn’t really tell her where we were going, we just drove!  🙂

We ended up parking on the other side of the main attraction and walked our way into the beach/park area… it was a very short walk.  See we where we are now… see the beach and Natural Bridges to the left?  There is a separation between our side and the other side… a small body of water!

So we ended up having to do some fancy foot work to cross this huge boulder to get to the beach!

Matthew was very careful… one wrong step and he would have ended up in the water!   (and I am carrying Ethan in the carrier!)

We  made it and decided to go directly on the path to see the butterflies.  Along the way the children stopped to read different trivia questions about the butterflies.

We finally arrived at the end of the path… I am sad to say that I was a bit disappointed that I could not see them as well as I had anticipated.  There were a few flying around but most were in clusters that were almost hidden within the branches.  I took some photos, but unless you were there, you would wonder why I took pictures of clumpy leaves/branches!  The children discovered a small area to roam… of course, they had to gather sticks!

We left to see what the visitor’s center had to offer… very educational for the children!  They were also able to touch real monarch wings!

Then they begged to go to the beach!  So off they ran!!!!!  I had not planned on staying at the beach today, so we did not bring any equipment to create their castles… but no worries!  My children do not let simple things, like lack of tools, get in their way!  Matthew found a mussle shell and dug.. then they wanted wet sand…

So they moved closer to the water… with photographer dad right behind them with his trusty camera!

They dug quite a hole here!  “Me digging, Mommy!”  (Says Ethan)

The sun was beginning to set… we sadly had to leave… but it was a great few hours!  I will bring them back during the weekday and bring tools for their castles…

Matthew was cold (for once — he’s ALWAYS hot!)– so he put on Morgan’s jacket for a bit!

Next post will include pictures by Vince!


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