Posted by: thequaches | November 24, 2009


It started simple enough —  Matthew felt a bit warm Friday afternoon but he was fine… just a raspy cough….

Then Sunday night he coughed so hard he threw up!  So, this morning Olivia’s mom picked up Morgan and took her to school.  The boys and I had an easy day…

We read:

We drew some pictures:  (alligator in progress)

Before lunch Ethan felt warm, then became crabby… and fever hit!  Then after lunch Matthew put himself down for a nap while I cleaned up… hadn’t realized he was asleep until I could not hear him!

Melinda picked up Morgan from school and brought her home… she sat on her favorite chair and fell right to sleep!  She came home from school complaining she was not feeling well.

I had 15 minutes to myself while ALL 3 were asleep!  (miracle!!!  better buy a lottery ticket tonight)

Then Ethan finally woke up from his nap…  (had to unzip his jammies because he was so hot!)

And Miss Morgan saw me taking this picture and smiled… and then was up!

He was finally hungry!

One is never too sick to lick the lid of your yogurt!

So… that is my day so far… how’s yours?!!!


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