Posted by: thequaches | November 25, 2009

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Yep… we watched that today.  I was afraid they would be too scared watching it.. but surprisingly, they were not!  (Thanks Amanda for showing them to K&A so I could be brave enough to show M&M)  M&M were a bit intimidated by the music… but overall, they enjoyed it!  Matthew loved the Quidditch match.  Ethan cheered on Harry during the first match, “Go Harry go!” he kept saying.  Poor Morgan had to keep asking the boys to be quiet so she could hear… but she also kept asking LOTS of questions during the movie as well.

We may even watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight!

We are all just taking it easy because we want to be well for dinner with Matt and Leo… we are all still in our PJs and it’s 2:38 PM!!!

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone!

Pictures to follow this evening of Ethan’s notebook holder — which he carried around ALL day around the house.  I also made one for Morgan’s friend in Atlanta, Maria.  My purse may be put together tonight.. who knows!



  1. We did *not* make it through Chamber of Secrets. The big snake was way too scary for Kenyon. I think AP might have been okay. Since each film gets darker and scarier as the HP kids age, I thing I might try for 1 each year. We’ll see. I’m just so anxious to share my HP love with the kids!

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