Posted by: thequaches | November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


Okay, back to today’s post…

We are off to Matt and Leo’s for a fun-filled afternoon — full of food and the movie Up!

Until tonight’s post…

Here’s to you and your flock!

Have a  great day!!!


We had an amazing day/evening!

We did a lot of this…  We enjoyed a great movie – Up!  It was a very sweet story and I would totally recommend it.  We may just purchase that for Peter so I.. ahem, I mean,so  the children, can watch it again on his big screen in the basement!

Then, of course, we did A LOT of  this!  Check out the meal Matt had prepared for us!  Are we the luckiest people or what?!

Check out that baby!  They actually cooked TWO of these!  (something about buy one get one free or something…)

Matthew dug right in, while Morgan waited for everyone else. She mostly ate the mashed potatoes(her favorite!)  and a few broccoli.  She’s still not quite herself yet… still coughing.  Matthew went to town with the turkey!  He came home later this evening and said he was still hungry!  Can you imagine being hungry after eating 2 helpings of this?!

After dinner, we watched another movie… 102 Dalmatians.  Then the children started to get cranky, so we brought out dessert!  Oh my… pumpkin pie and ice cream/whipped cream and/or cheese cake!

This is his happy dance…  “Yay, punkin pie!!!!”  He ate very little of his dinner, but he had  one and a half slices of pie!

They are now asleep… food coma is what I would call it!  Thank you Matt and Leo for sharing Thanksgiving with us.  We are so thankful for your friendship.

I’d be asleep right now  too… but I have a few more things to do!  I finally finished editing the wedding I’ve been working on and I am off to figure out who is next in line!



  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great day to sit back and watch movies! Wish we could have done just that, though I highly doubt Nathan could sit through one.

    Hope you guys have a fantastic Xmas…sounds like you’ve got lots planned already.

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