Posted by: thequaches | December 7, 2009

An early Christmas

Although I told Linda MANY times NOT to buy gifts for the children… as you can see, she listened well!  So she and her husband, Rob, came by early Sunday morning (in the midst of the mess!) to give the children their early Christmas gifts.  She wanted them to have something because she knows that we will not be here or near her for the holidays.  What a sweet woman she is — even if she doesn’t listen to me!

Ethan’s alphabet truck… yes, after a few hours, the songs got to me!  But he likes it…

Morgan LOVES this Crayola dome-shaped glow in the dark drawing activity. She draws inside on a special plastic piece and then outside of the dome with special markers, turns out the house lights, turns on the dome spinner, and flashing lights and she has her very own light show!  Pretty cool, huh?  Well, you just have to be here and see it in person… She drew the solar system!

Matthew was in heaven with his new remote-controlled car — what can I say, he’s all boy!  🙂


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