Posted by: thequaches | December 7, 2009

At last…

our lives seem to be moving at a fast forward mode lately… go, go, and go!  So, it was really nice to be able to slow down a bit and hang out with our dear friends, Ed and Uyen and their boys, Alex, James, and Ryan.  Obviously, the road trip we took withthem did not make us sick of them!  As a matter of fact, the children are too comfortable with each other now!  You know they are when they easily tattle on one another without being shy about it!  🙂

Vince had to work this weekend, but he managed to get away and meet up with us…

The children and I had a great morning running around town: Home Depot wagon project, a few garage sales along the way (finally found a Scrabble game for Amanda!), a brief stop at the library (we checked out more Magic Tree House and some of her Mythology series),  and ended with a holiday project at Michael’s craft store (can you say messy glitter and fabric paint?!).  We came home for lunch and some playtime.  We read a few books we had picked up from the  library — Morgan’s favorite to read out loudto me is Fancy Nancy.  I think she’s second in line to being my favorite children’s book character… behind Olivia the pig!  Do you know them?  If not, I totally reccommend them.  Go on, run to the library and have a peek at their hilarious (but so cute!) personalities!  While home, we waited to hear what Vince’s schedule would be like… when he said he would not be free until after 5 PM — we packed up our stuff and headed to the Yeh home for some play time!

They played some games… Mr Mouth was a hard one!  Uyen had to teach them how to play.  Apparently, she said she was not very “good” at it… ehem… she got ALL 5 flies in the frog’s mouth without much effort!  At least she could have “pretended” to “miss” a few!  😉 The children tried so hard but they just couldn’t do it!  Finally we just took off the top of the frog’s mouth and had them practice… much better!  It was fun to practice.  Matthew and Alex were partners.  Ethan insisted on doing “by myself,” and Morgan had so much fun too!

After a few games and tearing the house apart… they took out so many games and toys — oh my gosh!  Poor Uyen… she and I kept picking things up only to have them taken apart and opened up all over again!  Ryan was exceptionally good at taking this game and shaking the box until all the small pieces came out. Then he would walk all over the box and play with other toys.  But a few times,  when he shoke the box up and watched the pieces fall out of the box, he actually sat down and played the game!  If I did not see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it… Look for your self … he played the game!  It was so cute!  (oh, he also likes to turn on the TV!)

Matthew and Ethan were in heaven when they found this box full of cars!

Ethan and Ryan had fun playing together:

The older siblings played basketball for a bit:

Ed and Uyen slaved together in the kitchento make a delicious meal for us:

Ed’s favorite dumplings purchased from his favorite restaurant in Southern Cal — good thing we did NOT have to wait an hour in line like he normally does!

He also made these yummy shrimps!  I normally do not like shrimp – unless it’s shrimp cocktail… and those, I can eat up quite a few hundred if no one stops me!  Ed breaded them  in panko and it was perfect!  Crunchy and oh so flavorful!

Uyen stir-fryed some yummy bak choy (Matthew’s favorite — how did she know?!)… sorry no picture…  Matthew spilled juice all over Alex (by accident of course!) so we were all over the place trying to clean up!

We had fun and look forwardt o more get togethers… hopefully more often… perhaps 2010 will help us slow down a bit and enjoy the company of our good friends – near and far! Thanks Ed and Uyen for having us over!!!!


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