Posted by: thequaches | December 11, 2009

Is December over yet???

As much as I love December (of course, because of Christmas, why else?!)… oh my gosh, all this moving is getting in the way of the holiday spirit!  I am a bit… no, I am so … scratch that… I am very, no more like ABSOLUTELY stressed out!!!!  The children and I leave for Atlanta in 6 days… yep, 6 days!  Where the heck has the time gone?!   And I am still moving boxes to mom’s… still moving boxes, people!  I HATE being last minute.  I hate being late.  And I hate not being able to feel “together.”  And don’t even ask me about what “gift” (singular) I have planned for them… I have a few ideas for their stockings and tey all involve sewing… when will I find time????   Thanks to Amanda (thanks Amanda!)… I have a few more ideas.  I just need to make time in between packing, moving, taking care of the children — you get the idea… i just need to find time at night when they are asleep.  I suppose those matching pajamas will just have to be store bought, huh?!

And it’s going to rain ALL weekend… so I won’t be able to move anymore boxes until it stops raining… Tomorrow I’m chaperoning Morgan’s class fieldtrip to Christmas in the Park.  I would LOVE to take the boys, but I have to give her some of my time as well, right?  Secretly, I hope it rains so I can stay home.. and PACK the office.  Oh my gosh, that place needs its own zip code!  There is so much stuff in there!  I told Vince during dinner that I found money… not much, but there was cash in one of the folders in the office!  Score… I’ll use it to buy Tylenol… got myself a winner of a headache tonight.

Anyway, I am still here – no time to blog really… but still here!

I had to take a few breaks during the week so the boys wouldn’t drive each other bonkers… we did make time to be with their friends.  One day with Jim and Clare and another day with Braden, Briann, and Lily.  Other  than that, I’ve been pretty busy.. photos to come.  I am hoping to be done by this weekend so that Vince only has the furniture to worry about once we are in Georgia.  I can’t wait to get away for a bit…

later all!


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