Posted by: thequaches | December 16, 2009

2 days to go…

well, really, only a day and a half left and we are off to GA!

It’s been so crazy around here… I haven’t slept in days it seems… I think I am walking around in a trance.  Is that possible?  Well, it is now because it’s what I’m doing!  The house is only 85% packed and at mom’s.  So I have been really busy and honestly… so stressed!  I want to be out of the house so I do not have to worry about leaving when people come to see the house. I don’t want to have to change my plans based on some else’s schedule… know what I mean?

Morgan’s last day of school is tomorrow (for her only, her classmates get out Friday).  I am in charge of the class gift so I’ve been busy collecting donations. Morgan made the card from our family.  She also had her Daisy holiday gathering today… I made charms/pendants for the girls.  Then Melinda made necklaces for them to hang on… I stayed up until 3:30 AM finishing them up!  Wait until you see what I’ve been doing.  Melinda and I are going to go into business together making jewelry!  We’ll see what we come up with…  I will try to take a few pictures as samples.

Tonight I am finishing up my homemade gifts – courtesy of the jolly old fella… he will get credit for my sleepless nights.  Morgan is getting this, Matthew and Peter are getting this (thanks Amanda for sending me the link and tutorial!), and Ethan and Ryan are getting this.  Pajamas are bought — Carter’s $8 each!  🙂  Worth my sanity!  The BIG gift has been purchased… you guys will die when you find out what is it… because if you know me, you know I fought a hard battle against these things.  But alas, the battle was lost.. by me!  I am going to take them along on the plane and pull them out for bribery in case of a REAL emergency.  If all goes well, then I will not need to use this secret weapon — that way they will be presented on Christmas morning, from us.  No, “he” will not get credit for our hard-earned money that went to purchasing these… you will have to wait to find out what they are! (Uyen… hint, hint, you will be shocked when you see…)

I am now off to work on Ethan and Ryan’s gift… I plan to post while on vacation… stay tuned!  Happy Holidays!  Our holiday card is coming to you via internet but it’s not a video…I don’t think!

Oh my gosh, I am SO tired!



  1. I’m going to guess you either went for Ipods or Nintendo DS (or some other hand-held video game).

  2. I thought I would cave before you, Steph. They’ll be so happy though! Have a wonderful trip and say hello to your sister and her family! See you when you get back.

  3. Don’t forget to charge them before you get on the plane! Merry Christmas!

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