Posted by: thequaches | December 18, 2009

We made it!

So… I hate to gloat… BUT…my children are AWESOME!  They were so wonderful on the plane!  We had a heck of a time getting checked in at SFO — the line was sooo long!  And they were getting a bit antsy… what is the point of checking in on-line and then checking in AGAIN at the airport???  Anyway, we waiting like 30 minutes before we were helped, but I have to admit the staff members were very efficient and friendly.  That helped because I was getting a bit annoyed with the way they had things “organized.”  Then it was off to the security check in area… The Quach3 were awesome listeners!  They took off their backpacks and shoes and had them in the containers in no time!  There was a woman in line in front of us and she only had one child — I think he was at least 8.  She took FOR.EV.ER to get him and herself situated and then she thought she lost her ticket and started to panic.  The tickets were in the plastic container.  Once she went through the children and I zipped through the screening process with no issues.  Ethan especially did well.  He walked by himself (thank goodness!) and carried his own backpack.  He looked like such a big boy — a lot of people were watching him and smiling… He did look so cute!  I wish I had time to take pictures but I was a bit busy! 😉

Here’s Ethan waiting for “his” plane… I think that’s our plane in the picture.

Thanks to Leo and Matt, M&M had cheese flavored popcorn to munch on.

Ethan had Cheerios…

Once on the plane they played for a bit…

Thanks to Matt and Leo, Morgan and Ethan kept busy with their books.  Matthew watched a movie.

Ethan got to know these boys behind him very well.  Derrick and Brett were so good with Ethan and kept him laughing during the plane ride by playing peek-a-boo.  They were very sweet with him.  Their family was on their way to Florida for a wedding and a trip to Disney World!  Their family was like ours: Amanda is the oldest girl, followed by 2 younger boys.  They also did so well on the plane — but they were 11, 9, and 5 years old!  I can’t wait til my 3 are their ages and are more independent… although I should not complain, I actually sat in my own chair during the flight!  🙂  If you look closely, Morgan has already fallen asleep.  She took half a Dramamin an hour before the flight.  (Which I will do on the way home — she did not feel sick at all this time around!  yay!!!!)

Although Ethan was tired, he fought me on taking  a nap.  But he was so good.  We kept busy with this book from Leo and Matt.  About an hour and a half before landing I got up to use the restroom.  Brett and Derrick’s mom helped me keep an eye on him since he was content with his coloring… When I left the restroom, the beverage cart was in the aisle… so I had to wait for them to finish… 5  (or more) minutes later… I returned and found him curled up asleep in his seat!  I should have taken a photo — he was SO cute!  This is him before I left…

So — the surprise Christmas gift was NOT revealed prematurely!  I was so excited!  I can’t wait to see their faces when they open their gifts Christmas morning.  We bought one for Peter too. 🙂  Almost all the children on the plane had these “things.”  So I KNOW they will be excited… you should have seen how they stared at the other children…

I will continue to keep you all posted on how we are doing and what we are up to.  Last night they went to bed at 2:45 AM (that’s 11:45 PM Cali time) and woke up at 10:15 AM (that’s 7:15 AM Cali time)… not too bad.  We are having an easy day today because it’s pouring rain here!  Peter and Ryan left for school early so we missed them this morning.  The children are anxiously waiting their return home — it’s going to be so noisy!

BTW — thank you for your kind words re: the homemade gifts.  I am so excited about them and hope they are as excited as I am.  I had fun making them…  Off I go to relax… I am so glad to be here – WITH my mom too!  That was Karen’s surprise!  She had NO clue mom was coming and was shocked to see her last night.  She flew out an hour after the children and I on Delta.



  1. Duh, I didn’t realize that you had a couple of new posts. Anyway, glad you arrived, and really glad your Mom was able to join you.

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