Posted by: thequaches | December 19, 2009


The minute they saw Peter they ran toward him and hugged him.  Although Peter was a bit apprehensive at first, it was like old times again once they started playing together.  Ryan… well, he’s going to need some more time!  He would not speak to any of us — clung onto Michael the entire time.  He started to feel more comfortable with Ma, so that’s a good thing!  By the end of the evening, the older children (Ethan included) were able to get him to play a few games of hide and seek together.  Here are a few photos (not the best):

Here’s Ryan tracing his hand — Ma taught him that!

The older 3 drew some photos, made invitations, and maps…hmmmmm…

Ryan and Peter trying to hide under the covers… Ethan joining in..

I took this photo of Karen and Ryan…

and Ethan said, “me too mommy!”  Love that pose!

dinner time with 5 children…


It was noisy and chaotic but they all had so much fun getting to know each other again… I am looking forward to seeing them play together again tomorrow… when they will be together ALL day!

Tomorrow they are having breakfast with Santa and then in the evening there is a Christmas party at a neighbor’s house.  Fun, fun, fun!



  1. So, was Karen surprised, or did she know about your Mom coming?

    Glad to know that you arrived safely. Have a *great* visit!

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