Posted by: thequaches | December 24, 2009

Postcard from Georgia

I am going to be quiet for a few days (yay!  how long do you  think I can last?) … Vince is flying in December 24th to spend Christmas with us – but not until 9PM!  The children have been missing him… so we are finally going to spend some quality family time together.   Morgan couldn’t sleep tonight because she was so excited… but I had to remind her that he will not fly in until after she is asleep TOMORROW night!

Karen (my wonderful sister) has been a wonderful hostess.  She is a wonderful cook, so we’ve gained quite a bit of weight already!  Yikes! (I won’t even attempt to make any promises about going on a diet upon my return to CA!)

Mom is having fun getting to know her other grandchildren, Peter and Ryan.  Ryan is getting to know all of us — strangers invading his home and other little strangers playing with his toys.  His favorite word to these small strangers (mostly Ethan) has been, “MINE!”  I don’t blame him!  The last time we saw him, he was barely 5 months old!  Now he is running everywhere and telling us what he wants! 

Matthew, Peter, and Morgan have quickly re-acquainted themselves and are becoming the best of friends.  Peter, one morning, said to Michael (his dad), “I wish I could marry Morgan.”  So, I *guess* he likes her!  Don’t worry, we quickly told him that that would NOT be possible!  🙂

Anyhow, here's our Ecard -- trying to save some... what am I saving on? I don't know... just being lazy this year! Haha. I hope that's okay!  Enjoy!


(When viewing the inside of the card, you can click on the children's photos for the enlarged image.) 

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If you scroll down and read a few more posts, you'll see that I made another Ecard using the same photos... just having fun! 



  1. i love it…the kids are SO cute! i hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. 🙂

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