Posted by: thequaches | December 29, 2009

Thank you Mommy and Daddy!

They were surprised.. and very happy!  Of course,  basic rules were set up… the Nintendo DS can only be used during certain time of the day…mostly after meal is complete or on the plane and for limited time only…15/20 minute intervals.  And they were fine with these limits.  (I made them pouches to put their DSs in out of fleece scraps that Anita had given the children when she last visited.)


Peter did not know what a DS was, so he was fine with the gift… but much happier with his mom and dad’s gift!  This worked out because his game card chip (which we ordered separately so that we do not have to buy individual games – Vince was able to put at leat 15 games for M&M for now) had not yet arrived for his DS.  Anytime he wanted to play he had to wait for either Morgan or Matthew to be done with their DS – so I finally figured it out to stagger their playing time!

What a Merry Christmas it was this morning!



  1. awesome gifts! Audrey already getting hooked on computer games (PBS kids and restaurant city) very hesistant to get her any portable video games, but knowing eugene, I’m sure she’ll get one soon…

    hope you guys will have a wonderful new year!

    • tell me about it! they are so young and know so much more about the computer than i do! vince, being the one with every new item that comes out, wanted to get this for them LAST year! I held out… but then this year after seeing how well they kept busy while on a long trip (thanks Ed and UYen!)… i figured, why not! they have been awesome about it and only play during their alloted time. i’m sure you will do what is best for Audrey — you already have! 🙂

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