Posted by: thequaches | December 30, 2009


“Aghhhh!!!!!”  That is what they said when Peter told them we were going to see sharks!  But, they were so excited! 

Today we headed to the Atlanta Aquarium — and had a wild time (along with the rest of the world!  Yes, it was very crowded!)  So, here are a few photos to highlight our adventure… which ended with Morgan getting sick!  We are resting today…

We started with lunch at CNN’s center — in honor of Amanda (hi Amanda!), we ate at Chick-fil-A!

Their favorite exhibit was this — the Ocean Voyager:

Walking in that tunnel was awesome!  M&M were very hesitant — but once they got comfortable, it was no big deal.  Morgan’s concern?  That they glass would break and the sharks would attack her!  Well, it’s a legitimate fear so I couldn’t force her to do it.  So, what made her do it?  The crowd!  Everyone just kept pushing forward and we had to go with the flow.  But once we were in, we sat on the edge and just stared up at these amazing creatues swim around us…

Their second favorite spot was this – the touch pool which allowed them to touch some rays and sharks swimming back and forth:

While walking around, there were docents giving little talks about different fish.  Morgan walked up to a table and the docent asked her what her favorite fish was.  Morgan replied, “Catfish — I like how my mom cooks it!”  Vince said he and the woman were laughing so hard when she said that.  I suppose she answered the question, right?!  Proabably not what you should say at the aquariurm though!  😉 Think Morgan will eat it if she saw what it really looks like?!  (she just sees the fish fillets breaded!)

These were my favorite — seeing the colorful tropical fish and the jellies:

It was a full day excursion… Morgan went home with a sore throat… I am feeling really tired… but we had a great time!  See you next year Atlanta Aquarium!

Although someone was REALLY tired by the time we left… can you guess whom that person was?




  1. Yaaaaaay! I’m envious that you ate at Chick-Fil-A! So happy to keep up with your fun on this trip–it sounds like you’re having so much fun! Just don’t forget that we miss you!

    I started on the Scrabble tile necklaces, and round 1 didn’t work too well. Oh well–I’ll keep at it!

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